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Sardis, Ohio

A brief history of Sardis, Ohio

Sardis was founded in 1843 comprised of 64 lots of land owned by James Patton. The town became part of Lee Township, the first and only township organized by action taken by the Ohio Legislature. Lee Township is bounded by Jackson and Green Townships to the west, by Green and Ohio Townships on the north and by the Ohio River to the east. At the time of its founding, Sardis consisted of four buildings, Patton's house, Johnson and Algeo store, the Wilson Martin Home and the Amos Heaton home and shoe shop. The first post office was established May 15, 1844. Even though Sardis bordered on the Ohio River, the first mail was brought to the town overland from Marietta.

Early settlers of Lee Township included Major Earl Sprout, Philander B. Stewart, Dr. Miles, Stephen Scott, Charles Wells, James Patton and his sons John and David, and the Nesbitts.

Jackson Township to the south was one of the first four townships in the county. Notable early settlers of this township include Phillip Witten, Azariah Hoskinson Arthur Scott, Baziel Barnett, John Bridgeman David Harrison, James Harrison, Thomas Evans, David Evans, John Knight, Felix Sigler and James Hissom.

Information from: Monroe County, Ohio: A History By Theresa A. Maienknecht and Stanley B. Maienknecht

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