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Welcome to the Merckle Family Web Site!

With few exceptions, everyone in the United States with the last name of Merckle (and using this spelling) are descendants of Matthias Merckle. This spelling is uncommon in both the United states and Germany. Some members of the family are attempting to trace the Merckle line both here in the United States and in Germany. If you have a Merckle in your line, please feel free to contact us.

The United States Family Founders

According to tradition, Jacob Heinrich Merckle brought his wife Doratha, and their only son Matthias to the United States from the province of Würtemburg Germany around 1855 to escape the "Germanic Wars". At that time in history, Germany was a conglomerate of independent or semi-independent states held loosely together by language, a mutual enemy or economic need. Würtemburg was an independent state until Germany became unified in 1871. It is ironic that although they left to escape military service, the arrived here shortly before the Civil War.

The family settled into a log cabin in the hills near Sardis Ohio and began farming the land. With the beginning of the Civil War, Matthias traveled to Woodsfield and enlisted into the Union army for a period of three years. Mustering in on December 31, 1861 he joined Company K of the 62th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers under the command of Captain William Dougherty.

After his time of service, he returned to Sardis Ohio and prospered as a farmer. He married Elizabeth Holzworth on October 26th 1865 and together they raised thirteen children.

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